If you ever wanted to:

Record your song in a real studio.

Build a robot.

Grow your business.

Make your own superhero costume.

Build your best resume.

Learn how to nail an interview.

Use a 3D printer.

Find where your ancestors really came from.

Learn how to cook a new dish.

Treat the little ones to story time.

Learn how to design a website.

Find your Zen.

You can. And it's all free.

We're right around the corner.

Find the following features, services and modern marvels, just minutes from your front door.

Technology & Innovation

Bring your most out-of-the-box ideas to life in The Hive makerspaces, where technology, innovation and creativity combine for endless opportunities in the making. Create dynamic content by taking a class on coding or Adobe Creative Cloud. Need a bigger challenge? Build your own robot or print a 3D prototype. Anything is possible.

Design & Creativity

Bringing your visions to life has never been easier. From visual arts to graphic design, you can use our spaces and tools to create a work of art. Mock up your very own logo. Brush up on your handiwork in a watercolor class. Stitch a quilt, patch by patch. You know you’ve always had it in you.

Business & Development

Whether you’re looking for a new gig or setting up shop, you can get down to business in the library. Put yourself out there with résumé writing classes. Consult with our career experts for quick tips on the job hunt. Meet with the team in high-tech workspaces. Become an expert at Microsoft Word. Your next big break is here for the taking.

Entertainment & Activities

Disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with the community. Your library hosts a wealth of events and social groups designed to entice almost every interest. Honor your queen in a chess tournament. Engage with local authors. Learn how to make healthy meals at a cooking demo. Meet people who share your passions, and find common ground together. Get involved. Get happy.

Music & Audio

It’s time to make a ruckus. Yes, even in the library. Record the next chart-topper in our state-of-the-art recording studios and editing bays. Because you deserve to be heard and to hear your favorites.

Books & Reading

Escape for an hour. For a day. For a change. There’s no better way than by reading a good story. Curl up with your favorite paperback, or download free eBooks and magazines to take with you on the go. Explore rows of bright ideas and adventures just waiting to be discovered, or browse your way through our collection and discover digital content on any mobile device.

Early Learning

Mold young minds with endless educational tools and resources made just for little ones. Stop in for some quality story time. Take home DVDs on everything from ABCs to 123s. Let their imagination run wild with a fairytale, or by playing in our discovery areas. From free Pre-K programs to elementary school study guides, your library has something for every age and stage.

Study & Education

You’ve got smarts. Put them to work. Challenge yourself to master a new skill or brush up on an old pastime. Tighten your grasp on the English language. Study up on string theory. Tackle that trigonometry homework head on. With open study areas, free internet access and classrooms, we guarantee the library will be your new favorite study zone.

Research & Exploration

You’ve always wanted to explore. Now’s your chance. We’ve got volumes by leaps and bounds. Page through the historical archives and indexes. Find what you’re searching for with the help of a professional researcher. Look a little closer using our microfilm viewers, microfiche printers and vertical files. Trace your family roots with our genealogy collection, rated one of the best in the Southeast. It’s those who look back that help propel us forward.

Community Outreach

Your library offers many services to help you during times of need. Get back on your feet and at your best through our financial services. Take classes to prepare for your GED. Learn to navigate tax season. Life may bring challenges but we have resources to help you succeed.

Hispanic Offerings

Discover programs that speak to you, no matter your native language. The library is a multicultural environment made for all walks of life, whether you’re looking to brush up on your English or reconnect with your culture. Learn how to use a computer — in Spanish. Bring the kids to bilingual story time sessions. Even if you’re new to the area, or even the country, we can help you connect to your community.

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